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stopped by traffic police

Stopped by the Traffic Police? Here are your Rights and Things You Should Ask

Getting pulled up by traffic cops is a common scene in India. But there is nothing to worry about, It is just part of their routine check. It is the job of traffic police to maintain the smooth movement of vehicles. Therefore, they conduct regular checks to validate whether people are following mandatory motor laws or not. So, instead of panicking or getting frustrated, you should cooperate with the officers. At the same time, you must be aware of your rights as a responsible citizen when you happen to be pulled up by traffic police.

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Documents to Furnish at Traffic Police Check post

Traffic Rules

If traffic police stop you for inspection, then he/she may ask you for the following important documents. 

  • Registration Certificate (RC) to validate bike registration details. 
  • Driving license. 
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate. 
  • Bike insurance documents. 

Failing to produce any of the documents is liable to attract a fine. Therefore, it is important to keep all documents handy in your car at all times. 

Important rights every commuter in India should know

stopped by traffic police

As a commuter, you must have knowledge of following when stopped by traffic police. 

  • Breaking traffic rules, overspeeding, not wearing helmets, vehicle overloading, driving without a license, using a mobile phone while driving, and driving under alcohol influence are some prominent traffic offenses in India liable to hefty fines. Unless you violate any traffic law, the traffic police cannot confiscate your documents. Alternatively, if you commit any offense then you have to produce all mandatory documents as discussed above. 
  • A police officer should always be in his/her uniform. In case of suspicion, you can ask officials to show their identity. Check their ID card and note their buckle number. If they are reluctant to do so then you can straightforwardly deny them to show your documents.  
  • As per section 130 of the Motor Vehicles Act, a traffic officer can only ask you to present your driving license. Rest furnishing other things such as bike registration details, bike insurance documents, etc. is completely dependent on your will. 
  • In case, traffic police seize your vehicle documents, then you have the right to ask for a valid receipt from the Traffic Police Department to prove the legitimacy of document confiscation. 
  • In order to impose a fine, a traffic officer must have a challan book or e-challan machine. Failure to possess these debars officials from imposing fines on commuters. 
  • A challan issued must contain all essential details including offense committed, name and address of the offender, officer-in-charge, name of documents confiscated, and details of the court where a trial will be held. 
  • For female commuters, a female cop should be made available for conducting physical inspections after 6 p.m. 
  • If you feel being harassed by a traffic cop, you are eligible to file an official complaint about the same. You can file a complaint at the nearest police station with relevant details such as documents confiscated.
  • If caught by a police officer of sub-inspector rank or above, then you are eligible to pay off the challan on the spot. 
  • The traffic police cannot tow a vehicle if a person is sitting inside it. If they attempt to do so forcefully, you can raise an objection. Also, a police officer cannot take away your car keys without your consent. 
  • In case if you have been arrested for breaking any law, the police officer is required to take you to the police station. Moreover, concerning the detention, you must be presented in court within 24 hours. 
  • Lastly, avoid getting into arguments with traffic officers. They have the authority to arrest you without issuing a warrant in case you are found violating norms. Always discuss your instance politely and follow their instructions precisely. 

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Some additional things you need to keep in mind when pulled over by traffic police

  • You have the complete right to inquire about the reason for stopping your vehicle. 
  • Never try to bribe an officer. 
  • A traffic officer can also ask you to undergo a breath test. If you show denial, you can be arrested. 
  • If you fail to pay the required fine, you will be issued a court notice. And failing to appear in court will result in issuance of an arrest warrant against you. 


Getting stopped by traffic officers is not a thing to worry about. It is a part of the protocol and you should not try to escape it. Traffic police conduct regular checks to keep a watch on whether the people are following motor laws or not. So, keep calm, maintain composure, and keep all documents handy. Furthermore, be aware of your rights so that you don’t end up being caught up in nasty circumstances. 

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