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Things to consider before buying a new bike

Thinking to buy a new bike? Here are the things to consider

A two-wheeler is the most preferred mode of commutation on Indian roads. Not only is it easy to manoeuvre through the congested roadways at peak hours of traffic, but, also, you do not have to wait for hours or travel around to find the right parking space. Even for short-distance commuting, bikes are generally preferred over cars. Bikes provide a faster and convenient mode of transport across city streets.

The two-wheeler market in India has always shown promising growth. Increasing numbers of consumers are now opting to buy a bike while keeping their cars reserved for long journey trips. The ever-growing demand from the semi-urban and rural markets along with several positive factors are set to boost India’s two-wheeler market.

With benefits and predictions as such, it is no wonder that the consumers are always on a lookout to buy a new bike. However, the selection of a bike is not an easy affair. From brands, specifications, features to individual preferences, a lot of factors go into deciding the right bike. In this article, we have detailed the top things to consider before you choose to go for a new bike.

What to do before you buy a new bike?


The best part is that you would not feel any shortage of advice. It is the information overload which complicates the process. From your family, friends to office colleagues, you will have plenty of advice into the selection of a right bike. While you must take note of every suggestion, make sure that you filter out the unwanted ones which might only go on to create confusion in your mind.

Things to consider before buying a new bike

So, without further ado, here is how you can streamline the whole buying journey:

Which type of bike do you need?

There is a wide choice of two-wheeler vehicles in India. From renowned brands which have created a niche to the emerging brands disrupting the market with exciting features and design. All you must consider is the purpose of buying a bike.

Are you looking for the daily commute or are you looking for a bike to travel to hill stations or want to explore offbeat destinations? This will help you filter your search based on mileage and bike design. A bike such as Royal Enfield Himalayan offers better comfort while travelling for long hours while on the other hand bikes such as Bajaj Pulsar, Yamaha FZ models are preferred for their power and design for inter-city travelling.

For bike specifications, you can filter your search based on:

  • Power
  • Mileage
  • Engine

It is better to do your own research beforehand and make an informed decision rather following the trends and what your friends suggest you for. See for yourself which bike suits your requirements and expectations.

Is the bike you want to buy within your budget?

Another top important aspect to consider before you buy a new bike is a budget. On average, a 100cc commuter bike from reputed brands costs over INR 60,000, plus taxes. However, if you are looking to buy a cruiser or street bike, you may need to increase your budget to over INR 80,000 at least. For 300cc bike, you will have to pay more than 2.45 lacs. So, make sure that you set a pre-defined budget to filter your search.

Is the mileage of the bike satisfactory?

The unpredictability of fuel prices every month makes mileage of the two-wheeler one of the most important parameters to consider. This is especially true if you have a tight monthly budget and cannot afford fuel-guzzling high-end bikes. Hence, it is most important to check the prospective mileage of the new bike before buying it. On average, a 100cc bike should deliver 50 – 60 km/litre of petrol while a scooter of the same power should deliver an average of 35 – 40 km/litre.

Choose reliable and renowned brands

Buying a new bike is an investment, as we mentioned earlier. Once you have decided which type of two-wheeler you need, you will have to choose a new bike that would serve you well for several years. When you decide to buy a bike from a renowned brand you are assured of getting a good quality product. Apart from the quality, the resale value of renowned branded bikes is also significantly higher, and this acts as a significant return on investment (ROI) when you want to upgrade to a newer model later on.

So, before you decide to buy a new bike, you need to decide the type of bike you need according to your requirements. Next, make sure that the scooter or bike of your choice is within your budget. Then ensure that the mileage offered by the two-wheeler is well within your monthly expense budget and always choose the best bike offers from renowned brands only.

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