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Electric Scooters Price in India 2024, New Electric Scooters/Scooty

Electric Scooters are emerging as the most preferable two-wheelers of this generation and they are slowly becoming mainstream. The rising fuel cost and high pollution levels have forced a lot of buyers to switch to electric vehicles. Electric Scooters comes with a battery-powered motor that produces zero-emission and it is also very economical. A wide range of electric scooters are available in the Indian market and you can get complete details about the latest models here. Some of the most popular models are Ola S1, TVS iQube, Ather 450X, Bajaj Chetak, and Simple Energy One. Here you can view the latest electric scooters price in India, specs, features, range, top speed, images, and reviews.

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters Price List

Model NameEx-Showroom Price
Ather 450 Rs 1.13 – 1.32 Lakh
Bajaj ChetakRs 1.0 – 1.15 Lakh
Ola S1Rs 85,099 – 1.10 Lakh
Simple Energy OneRs 1.09 Lakh
Avera Retrosa Rs 1.08 Lakh
TVS iQube Rs 1.00 Lakh
Okinawa iPraise +Rs 99,708
Komaki SERs 96,000
Pure EV EPluto 7GRs 83,999
Ampere Zeal Rs 59,990

Electric Scooters in India

electric scooter price
Ola S1
Rs 85,099 – 1.10 Lakh
8500 W | 115 km/h | 181 km

electric scooter in India
Ather 450
Rs 1.13 – 1.32 Lakh
6000 W | 80 km/h | 116 km

electric scooter price in India
Simple Energy One
Rs 1.09 Lakh
4500 W | 105 km/h | 236 km

Bajaj chetak electric scooter
Bajaj Chetak
Rs 1.0 – 1.15 Lakh
4080 W | 70 km/h | 90 km

electric scooter price in India
TVS iQube
Rs 1 Lakh
4400 W | 78 km/h | 75 km

new electric scooter in India
Avera Retrosa
Rs 1.08 Lakh
3000 W | 90 km/h | 140 km

electric scooter price
Okinawa iPraise+
Rs 1.05 Lakh
2500 W | 58 km/h | 139 km

Komaki SE
Komaki SE
Rs 96,000
60 km/h | 100-120 km

new electric scooter price in India
Pure EV EPluto 7G
Rs 83,999
2200 W | 60 km/h | 90-120 km

Ampere Zeal
Ampere Zeal
Rs 59,990
1200 W | 55 km/h | 90 km

*Average Ex-Showroom Price Mentioned

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New Electric Scooter Models

earth energy glyde
Earth Energy Glyde
Rs 74,500 – 94,500
104 NM | 100-150 km

electric scooter in India
Evolet Polo
Rs 44,499 – 54,499
250 W | 25 km/h | 65 km

Benling Falcon
Benling Falcon
Rs 62,200 – 71,248
250 W | 25 km/h | 75 km

*Average Ex-Showroom Price Mentioned

Upcoming Electric Scooters

Vespa Electric Scooter
Vespa Electtrica
Rs 1.3 Lakh

Lambretta G-Special
Lambretta G-Special
Rs 1.25 Lakh

TVS electric scooter
TVS Creon
Rs 1.15 Lakh

*Expected Ex-Showroom Price Mentioned

Best Range Electric Scooters

Simple Energy One
Simple Energy One
Rs 1,09,000
4500 W | 105 km/h | 236 km

Ola S1 electric scooter
Ola S1
Rs 85,099 – 1.10 Lakh
8500 W | 115 km/h | 181 km

Avera Retrosa
Avera Retrosa
Rs 1.08 Lakh
3000 W | 90 km/h | 140 km

*Average Ex-Showroom Price Mentioned

Popular Electric Scooters Comaparison

Ola S1
Ather 450X

TVS iQube
Bajaj Chetak

Simple Energy One
Avera Retrosa

Electric Scooters Overview

Electric Scooters come with the same design and styling as a regular scooter but the internal mechanical components differ a lot. Here is an overview of all the important mechanical components on an E-scooter that you need to know.


The battery pack is one of the most important parts of any electric vehicle and it powers the motor. Currently, there are mainly two types of batteries used on electric scooters, lithium-ion and lead-acid. Lithium-ion batteries offer higher charge density, lower self-discharge levels, and they are also lighter than lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are costly but they offer better performance, range, and faster charging. Premium electric scooters like the Ola S1, Ather 450X, and Simple Energy One are equipped with lithium-ion batteries that allow them to offer superior performance, range, and acceleration. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries are less expensive and these are used on low to mid-range scooters. The lead-acid battery is heavier, has low charge density, and also offer a low range. The Ampere Zeal, Hero Electric Photon, and Benelling falcon are some popular scooters that come with a lead-acid battery.


A motor uses the energy stored in the battery to convert it into motion. Most of the scooters these days use brushless DC motors that are either hub-mounted or frame-mounted. The brushless DC motors are more efficient, reliable, and perform better than a brushed motor. A lot of the electric scooters are equipped with brushless DC Hub motors as they are affordable, easy to install and do not require transmission components. On the downside BLDC hub motors are heavy and that affects the performance and handling of the vehicle. The frame-mounted motors also known as mid-drive motors are mounted on the frame of the electric scooter and come coupled to a transmission. The mid-drive motors are powerful and they offer better handling as they are positioned close to the centre of gravity of the scooter. These types of motors are expensive and they also need regular maintenance.

Battery Layout & Charging

Electric scooters come with either a removable battery pack or a fixed battery pack. The chassis of scooters that are equipped with a fixed battery pack are simple and easy to manufacture. Scooters that are equipped with a fixed battery pack are heavily dependent on the availability of charging stations. There are also scooters that feature a removable battery pack and their frame is designed in such a way that allows easy swapping of batteries when needed. A removable battery pack gives you the freedom to remove and charge the battery wherever at your convenience. Electric scooters come with either a conventional charging system or a fast-charging system. Conventional charging system takes a longer period of time to charge the battery and they do not heat up a lot due to low current induction. Batteries with fast charging capabilities consume a large amount of current to charge quickly. So, batteries with fast charging compatibility must have a good thermal management system to ensure long battery life. Most Electric scooters with fast charging batteries are comparatively expensive.

Other Components

Other major mechanical components on an electric scooter include brakes, suspension, wheels, etc. Budget-friendly scooters come with drum brakes, while mid and top-end models are equipped with disc brakes. Some electric scooters also feature regenerative brakes and ABS or CBS systems. Suspension setups are similar to regular scooters. These types of scooters come with either alloy wheels or sheet metal wheels with modern tubeless tyres. You get features like LED lighting, digital instrument console, mobile app connectivity, charging ports, and GPS in the new-age EV’s. Some of the premium electric scooters also come with features like cruise control, riding modes, and reverse mode.

Electric Scooters Reviews

Latest Electric Scooters News

Electric Scooters FAQ’s

Which is the best electric scooter in India?

The Ola S1, Ather 450X, TVS iQube, Bajaj Chetak, and Hero Electric Optima are some of the most popular and best electric scooters in India.

What is the price of electric scooters in India?

The price of electric scooters in India starts at as low as Rs 25,350 for the entry-level models, while the price of the premium models goes up to Rs 1.57 lakh in India.

Which Electric Scooter is best at a low price?

Hero Electric Photon, Ampere Zeal, Okinawa R30, and Evolet Pony are Some good budget-friendly electric scooter models that are available at low prices in India.

How long will an electric scooter last?

An electric scooter from a reliable brand with regular maintenance and care can last as long as a scooter with an internal combustion engine.

Is an electric scooter good for a long drive?

Electric scooters are meant for commuting within the city limits where charging infrastructure is easily available. However, if your scooter offers a long-range and charging station are available in your route then you can use your electric scooter for occasional long rides.

Are electric scooters better than petrol-powered scooters?

Electric Scooters run on a battery-powered motor that produces zero-emission and they are also economical compared to a petrol engine scooter due to high fuel costs. Electric scooters are economical and environment friendly making them a good choice for daily use.

What is the range of electric scooters in India?

Electric scooters in India offer a range between 30 km to 140 km.

What are the upcoming electric scooters in India?

The Vespa Electtrica, Lambretta G-Special, Suzuki Burgman Electric, Honda PCX Electric, and TVS Creon are some of the most anticipated upcoming electric scooters in India.

How long do electric scooter batteries last?

Electric scooter batteries last on an average of four to seven years depending upon the type and quality.

Which electric scooter is best for daily use?

The Ather 450X, Ola S1, TVS iQube, and Bajaj Chetak are some good electric scooters for daily use. These scooters come with a powerful motor and they offer a long-range per charge. Also, these electric scooters are from reputable brands and hence they have a wide network of sales and service stations.

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