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Honda cbr 250rr

2024 Honda CBR 250RR Price, Specs, Top Speed, and Launch In India

Honda CBR 250RR Price, Specs, Top Speed, Launch In India

Honda CBR 250RR is an entry-level twin-cylinder supersport motorcycle from the Japanese brand. This bike is already available in some of international markets. It is a very special product from Honda, as it performs exceptionally well for a 250cc twin-cylinder motorcycle.

2020 honda cbr 250rr

Honda has revealed the new 2024 model of CBR 250RR. The new CBR 250RR has a more powerful engine, it now produces 40 Hp of maximum power at 12,500 RPM. It now comes in different colour options and draws its design from its elder sibling CBR1000RR.

CBR 250RR is really amazing entry-level supersport, that puts out performance similar to the bigger 300cc twin-cylinder bikes. It has the feature of 3 riding modes onboard, which is generally not seen in this segment of motorbikes. It looks amazing and is fully loaded to compete in the Indian market.

So, The Big Question is Will honda Ever launch the CBR 250RR in India?

Well, we all want this to happen and if this happens then it will surely win a place in the premium Supersport market. But, the reality is if the bike is launched in India it will carry a really high price tag. And as we all a typical Indian will choose a higher displacement bike over a premium 250 cc high-performance motorcycle. So like the older model, it will be sold in selected Asian countries only.

There are two ways honda can bring this to India as a CKD unit or Locally Develop it in India. The first option seems practical because CBR 250RR will not generate many sales as it will target the premium entry-level supersport segment.

2020 cbr 250rr

So, the second option is to bring it as a CKD unit and assemble it locally. This will make the price a lot higher than its competitors. CB 300 is an example of this, it costs almost 3.1 lakhs on-road and is bought in India via the CKD unit.

However, CBR 250RR comes with a lot of premium hardware components and features, which will make it price tag even more than the Single cylinder CB 300. It will make it tough to generate sales, as there are already a lot of options like the ninja 300, R3 and RR310 in this segment.

CBR 250RR might fail if it is not priced similarly to competitors like ninja 300 and RC390. But, recently honda bought the CB 300R which had a great response and was out of stock for the year 2019. The response from CB 300R might help honda, develop an India-bound CBR 250RR.

Key Features Of Honda CBR 250RR

  • Parallel Twin Engine
  • Great power Output
  • Great design
  • 3-Step Riding Mode
  • Ride By Wire Throttle
  • USD Front Forks

Pros And Cons


  • Good Performance
  • Nice Design
  • Ride By Wire Throttle
  • Riding Modes


  • Not Launched In India Yet
  • No Slipper Clutch
  • High Price Tag

Specs Of Honda CBR 250RR

Find Out The complete specification, features and quick overview here.

Engine And Performance

Engine249.7cc 4-stroke, 8 valves, parallel
twin-cylinder engine
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI
Compression Ratio 11.5: 1
Maximum Power40 HP at 12,500 Rpm
Peak Torque23.3 Nm at 11,000 Rpm
Cooling SystemLiquid Cooled With Auto Electric Fan

Brakes And Suspension

Front SuspensionInverted Telescopic Front Suspension
Rear SuspensionAluminium Swing Arm (5 Adjustable
Mono Suspension with Pro-Link System)
Front Brakes 310 mm Hydraulic Disc, Dual Piston
(STD Type& ABS Type)
Rear BrakesHydraulic Disc, Single Piston (STD Type
& ABS Type)
ABSDual-Channel ABS
honda cbr 250rr price


Seat height 790 mm
Wheel Base1389mm
Ground Clearance145 mm
Curb Mass 168 kg (ABS), 165 kg (STD)
Fuel Tank Capacity14.5 Liters

Top Speed And Mileage

Top Speed179 km/hr*
Mileage25 KMPL*
0-100 Kmph5.1 Seconds*

Quick Overview Of Honda CBR 250RR

Design: Starting with the design of the bike, Honda CBR 250RR is a beautiful motorcycle. It has a sharp front all-LED headlamps setup with DRLs above it. The design is similar to the other honda faired bikes. The golden colour front forks go well with the paint scheme.

It has a twin-canister exhaust muffler which looks sporty and sounds good. Overall the design of the bike is sharp and aggressive and much better than the CBR 250R available in India. It is available in four colour options in ABS and NON-ABS variants.

honda cbr 250rr

Engine & Performance: CBR 250RR is powered by a 249.7cc 4-stroke, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine. The motor is capable of churning out 41 ps of power at 12,500 RPM and 23.3 Nm of peak torque at 11,000 RPM. It is one of the best 250cc bikes in terms of performance.

Even though its engine displacement is 249 cc, It produces the same amount of power as the ninja 300. The use of Throttle by wire further enhances the power delivery making it crisp and smooth.

Chassis & Suspension: It uses a solid truss frame, which is agile and provides good feedback in the corners. The Suspension duties are taken care of by a telescopic USD fork at the front end, While the rear end is equipped with 5 steps adjustable mono-shock suspension.

Features: There are three riding modes available in the CBR 250RR Sport, Comfort, and Sport+. The rider can switch between the riding modes with the help of the switchgear buttons. It also has the dual-channel ABS variant. Overall it is a great quarter-litre motorcycle with punchy performance.

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Honda CBR 250RR Competitors

CBR 250RR has three major competitors in this segment Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 300, and Benelli 302R. All of these bikes are equipped with parallel-twin engines. However, all three bikes mentioned have bigger displacement engines than the CBR 250RR.

If Honda CBR 250RR ever makes its way to India it has a lot of competition. If we consider the single-cylinder bikes then it will have to pace the segment king KTM RC 390 which is a bang for the back motorcycle, that offers smashing performance with a bigger displacement engine.

Yamaha R3 vs CBR 250RR

Yamaha R3 Honda CBR 250RR
Engine 321 CC Twin cylinder249.7cc 2 Cylinder
Peak Power42 Ps at 10,750 RPM40 HP at 12,500 RPM

As you can see, R3 has an almost 70cc bigger displacement engine and it makes a lot of difference. However, CBR 250RR is only 3 ps behind Yamaha R3 in terms of power output. R3 churns out 42 PS while the CBR is capable of producing 38.7 Ps.

yamaha r3

The R3 available in India is not similar to the international variant. The R3 available in India has a different design and uses telescopic front forks. In terms of design, CBR 250RR looks better than the Indian R3 variant.

R3 has the lead in the performance segment with a bigger engine and more power. The Top speed of R3 is also slightly better than the CBR. But CBR has some amazing features like the riding modes, which are not generally seen in this segment. Also, the USD front forks and aggressive design are a big advantage for CBR.

Kawasaki Ninja 300 vs CBR 250RR

Kawasaki Ninja 300CBR 250RR
Engine296 cc parallel-twin 249.7cc 2 Cylinder
Peak Power39 Ps at 11,00 RPM40 HP at 12,500 RPM

Kawasaki Ninja 300 has a 46cc bigger engine than the CBR, but the difference in performance is almost negligible. Ninja 300 produces only 0.3 PS more power than the CBR 250RR which is negligible in real-world performance. However, Ninja 300 peak power is achieved at 11,00 Rpm, while the CBR 250RR peaks at 12,500 Rpm.

2020 honda cbr 250rr

Ninja 300 is now locally manufactured in India, which allows Kawasaki to price it competitively. It is available in India at the Ex-Showroom price of 2.98 lakhs INR, which also makes it the cheapest twin-cylinder supersport bike in India.

Ninja 300 looks good and performs well and also it is priced competitively in the Indian market. Again CBR will have the advantage in terms of USD forks and riding modes, which ninja 300 lacks.

Benelli 302 R VS Honda CBR 250RR

Benelli 302RCBR 250RR
Engine300cc 2 cylinder 249.7cc 2 Cylinder
Peak Power38.5Ps at 11,500 RPM40 HP at 12,500 RPM

Next in the comparison, we have the Benelli 302 R which has a 50cc bigger displacement than the CBR 250RR. It is powered by a 300cc twin-cylinder motor, that churns out 38.5 ps of maximum power. Surprisingly it produces 0.2 PS less power than the CBR.

One of the major drawbacks of the Benelli is that it weighs almost 200 kg. Benelli 302 R has an attractive design but it lacks performance when compared to CBR and other Bikes in this segment.

The best thing about Benelli 302 R is its exhaust sound, It sounds too good for a twin-cylinder motorbike. Also, It is equipped with a USD front fork. In India Benelli 302 R doesn’t register many sales because of its price tag, it is priced at 3.48 Lakhs INR Ex-Showroom which makes it a little overpriced.

Honda CBR 250RR conclusion

Honda CBR 250RR is indeed a special motorcycle that performs exceptionally well for their segment. Every motorcycle enthusiast would like to see this hottie rolling on Indian roads. One of the major issues about the launch of this bike is its price, which should be competitive or else honda will have another failed product.

Now a day even the CBR 250R is not able to generate sales like the other 250cc because in 2024 there are a lot of options in this segment like the new Gixxer 250 and Duke 250.

202 cbr 250r

However, The Honda CB 300 R has been received quite well in the Indian market. It was available in limited numbers exclusively at honda big wing showrooms and was sold out. Honda might be analyzing the response of the premium entry-level segment bikes in India to develop some more products.

There are also speculations of the Honda Rebel 300 to be launched in India. If honda can bring the rebel 300 then it also can find a way in for the CBR 250RR. So, let’s just wait and see, meanwhile, KTM is coming up with the all-new revamped RC 390 for the year 2024.


What is the price of the Honda CBR 250RR In India?

It has not been launched in India yet, however, the expected price would be nearly 3 lakhs.

Top Speed of Honda CBR 250RR.

The top speed of the Honda CBR 250 RR is around 179 Kmph*. while the company claimed the top speed is 168 Kmph.

When Will Honda CBR 250RR launch in India?

There is no official information on the launch yet. It could be revealed at the 2024 auto-expo if honda plans to introduce it in India.

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