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Top 5 Bikes With Double Silencer In India.

Top 5 Bikes With Double Silencer In India.

Hey, Are you looking for the best double silencer bikes in India? well here is a detailed article about it. Having a dual exhaust set up on a bike has two benefits, it looks good and sounds amazing.

The dual silencer also adds to the aesthetics of the bike and gives the rider a big bike feel. In this article, I have listed the best double silencer bikes with prices and specs that are available in India.

5. Mahindra Mojo

At number 5 on the list, we have the Mahindra Mojo 300 on the list. Mahindra Mojo is the cheapest bike with a double silencer in India. The Ex-showroom price of Mahindra Mojo starts from Rs 1,88,800 INR.

dual exhaust bikes

Mahindra Mojo has two silencers, one on the right side and one on the left side. The silencer on Mojo is of chrome. The exhaust sound is not loud but sounds decent.

Engine 294.72 cc Single Cylinder, Luiqiud Cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC engine.
Maximum power26 Hp at 7,500 RPM
Peak Torque28 Nm at 5,500 RPM
Price Rs 1,88,800 INR.

4. Bajaj Dominar 400

On number 4 on the list, we have the Bajaj Dominar 400. Well, it doesn’t have a dual exhaust, but it has a twin-muffler setup. Bajaj Dominar 400 is priced at Rs 1,90,002 (Ex-showroom in India).

dual silencer bikes

Dominar 400 was recently updated with a new version. The bike features a dual muffler setup that looks great and sporty. The exhaust note of the bike also sounds great. Dominar is one of the best 400cc bikes that come with a twin-port exhaust.

Engine 373cc Single cylinder, Fuel Injected, Liquid-cooled, DOHC, Tripple spark Engine
Maximum Power40 PS at 8,650 RPM
Peak Torque35 Nm at 7,000 RPM
Price Rs 1,90,002 (Ex-showroom)

3. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

At number 3 on the list, we have the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. It is the cheapest parallel-twin motorcycle in India. The price of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 starts at Rs 2.5 Lakhs INR ( Ex-Showroom)

double silencer bikes

Interceptor 650 is One of the best bike with a double silencer in India. The Interceptor 650 gets a chrome long swept exhaust on both the side. It sounds amazing as it has a parallel-twin engine. The long tail silencer design adds extra appeal to the retro look of the bike.

Interceptor 650 silencer not only looks good but its exhaust note is loud. The double silencer setup gives it a big bike feel.

Engine 648cc Parallel-twin, Fuel-injected, SOHC, four stroke engine
Maximum Power47 BHP at 7,250 RPM
Peak Torque52 Nm at 5,250 RPM
PriceRs 2.5 Lakhs INR (Ex-Showroom)

2. Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

Next on the list we again have the 650 parallel twins from the Enfield family. just like its sibling, Continental GT 650 also comes with a double silencer setup. Continental GT 650 is a cafe racer bike that is priced at Rs 2.73 Lakhs INR in India.

continental gt 650

Continental 650GT has a similar chrome long tail swept silencer like the interceptor 650. The Silencer has a chrome finish and is positioned slightly higher. The silencer is long sept, similar to its sibling. The silencer is loud and has a very good exhaust note. The double silencer setup on this bike makes it stand out from the crowd.

Engine648cc Parallel Twin Fuel Injected, Four Stroke Engine
Maximum Power 47 BHP at 7,250 RPM
Peak Torque 52 Nm at 5,250 RPM
PriceRs 2.72 Lakhs INR (Ex-Showroom)

1. Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

On the number 1 position, we have the Harley Davidson Forty-Eight. HD forty-eight is the costliest bikes on this list. It is priced at Rs 10.6 Lakhs INR (Ex-Showroom) in India.

double silencer bikes

HD forty-eight has a unique double silencer setup. It has two silencers originating from different positions. The length of the silencers also differs from each other.

One of the silencers originates from the front of the cylinder head and is placed near the rider’s footpegs. The other Silencer is comparatively longer and makes it way to the rear end of the bike.

The exhaust has a chrome finish. The HD 48 has a 1200cc V-twin engine and the exhaust note produced is loud. The double silencer adds more glory to the styling of this beautiful Harley.

Engine 1200cc V-Twin, air cooled engine
Maximum Power——-
Peak Torque97 Nm
PriceRs 10.58 Lakhs INR (ex-showroom)

List of Bikes With Double Silencer

Bikes With Double SIlencer

5. Mahindra Mojo
4. Bajaj Dominar 400
3. Royal Enfield Interceptor 650
2. Royal Enfield Continental GT-650
1. Harley Davidson Forty-Eight

Conclusion Top 5 Double Silencer Bikes

In this article, I have tried to list the best double silencer bikes in India from different price segments. I have covered from the entry-level budget segment to the premium price segment.

There are a lot more bikes with double silencer set up in India, But I have only included the top 5 most selling bikes.

If you want to more dual silencer bikes on this list then comment.

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