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Best Hero Splendor Modified Examples in India in 2024

The Hero MotoCorp Splendor is the best selling commuter bike in the Indian market. Indian buyers love this bike because it is reliable, lightweight, fuel-efficient, easy to maintain, and it can run on almost any terrain. However, there are some petrolheads that have modified Splendor from a simple commuter bike to whole new machines with wild designs.

Best Hero Splendor Modified Examples in India

Here we have listed down some of the best Hero Splendor modified examples in India that we could find. Motorcycle enthusiast across India have modified this simple commuter bike in to a scrambler, cafe racer, dirt bike, cruiser, and more. So, here are some of the best modified Splendor in India.

Hero Splendor Cafe Racer by Aero Customs

The first modified Splendor example on this list is a cafe racer modification by Aero Customs. Here they have used a standard variant of Hero Splendor and it has gone through an extensive list of changes to look like that. It gets a round-shaped headlamp, a twin-pod instrument console, custom made front fender and a clip-on handlebar that gives it forward-leaning ergonomics like a cafe racer bike.

modified splendor

Aero Customs have used a custom made fuel tank and a flat single-piece saddle on this Modified Splendor Cafe Racer. There has been no change in the suspension setup and the braking system. It is equipped with an aftermarket exhaust and a free-flow air filter that gives a slight bump in its performance. This Hero Splendor Cafe Racer be Aero Customs comes with a very minimalistic design and it looks very attractive.

Hero Splendor Modified into a Scrambler By AB Customs

Next, we have a Hero Splendor Scrambler by AB Customs and it has gone through some serious changes to look like this. Starting off from the front, it gets a round-shaped led headlight that looks very appealing. It gets a custom single rider only seat and custom made body panels. The rear section has been chopped a little bit to give it a scrambler like appearance.

Splendor Modified

This Splendor Scrambler comes with chunkier off-road tyres that give it an aggressive stance. One major mechanical change is that this Splendor Scrambler uses front disc brakes instead of a drum brake like the stock version. It also gets a custom exhaust muffler that is compact and goes well with the overall design. This is one of the best looking Splendor modified design we have seen.

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Hero Splendor Grey Hawk by Par Pins Garage

Par Pin Garage has customized this Hero Splendor to look like a retro classic motorcycle. It comes in a matte silver paint scheme with orange and black stickers. It gets a round-shaped six LED units headlamp that gives this bike a neo-retro look. This Hero Splendor modified version sports a custom fuel tank and handlebar.

Hero Splendor Modified

The stock single-piece seat has been replaced with a ribbed cafe racer type seat. It is equipped with new 19-inch alloy wheels that look very attractive. Customizers have also used an aftermarket exhaust. Apart from heavy cosmetic changes, there has been no mechanical alteration in the bike. This is one of the best modified Hero Splendor, it has a minimalistic design that looks very premium.

Hero Splendor Modified into a Cafe Racer

Next, we have a modified cafe racer on this list by Nikhil Customs that looks absolutely stunning. Instagram user Nikhil Customs has a Hero Splendor modified to look like a cafe racer. Most of the stock parts of this bike has been replaced to give it a cafe racer look. It comes with a custom made fuel-tank that is finished in white and it boasts a Cafe Racer sticker. This modified bike features a headlamp with a yellow tint and X mark.

Splendor Cafe Racer

It comes with a single-piece seat and an aftermarket handlebar with bar-end mirrors that give it the cafe racer feel. The stock instrument cluster has also been replaced. It comes fitted with a free-flow exhaust system. This cafe racer boasts wider tyres with block patterns that look chunky. This is one of the boldest looking modified Splendor on this list and it has a solid road presence.

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Hero Splendor Cruiser by Prashz Kustom Design

Prashz Kustom has modified a Hero Super Splendor to look like a cruiser. This is one of the most heavily modded examples on this list. It is built around a custom made frame and also the stock wheel has been replaced with bigger and wider ones. It comes with a diagonally aligned twin headlight that gives it a unique face. This modified Splendor also gets custom flat handlebars.

Hero Splendor Cruiser

The custom-house has equipped this bike with an aftermarket exhaust and a free flow air filter that helps in enhancing performance. It comes with a fuel tank that looks similar to the Harley Davidson’s. The swingarm has been modified to accommodate the wider tyres. This Customized Hero Splendor Crusier in bright blue colour looks amazing and it is a head-turner.

Hero Splendor Modified into a Cruiser by Full Throttle Customs

You will totally love this Hero Splendor modified to look like a cruiser. Full Throttle Customs have customized a Hero Splendor extensively to look like a cruiser bike. Starting off with the fuel tank, the stock one has been replaced with a peanut design tank. It features a leather bag below the tank and it gets custom chopped front and rear fenders.

Modified Splendor

This cruiser features a single pod chrome finished instrument cluster. Also, the stock turn indicators have been replaced with LED arrow signals units. There have been no alterations to the bike suspension and braking system. It also features a custom aftermarket exhaust and a custom made seat. This modified Hero Splendor cruiser looks amazing in a black and bronze paint scheme.

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Hero Splendor Flat Tracker by Ayas Motorcycle Customs

The next Hero Splendor modified version that made its way on this list is a retro-themed modification by Ayas Customs. It comes with a retro flat tracker type design and it is finished in matte grey colour. It boasts a round-shaped headlamp with a chrome ring cover. Most of the body parts, including the spoke rims, has been painted in black.

Splendor Modified

It gets a custom single-piece seat that maintains the retro vibe. The custom-house has replaced the stock exhaust with an aftermarket chrome exhaust that goes well with the overall design. There have been no changes to the engine of this bike. Also, the braking system and suspension have been retained. This Hero Splendor looks really amazing due to its simple retro classic design.

Our Verdict on Best Hero Splendor Modified Examples in India

So, these were some of the best looking modified Hero Splendor from India. Most of the modifiers go for retro-themed customization on their bike. Some of the bikes shown here got only cosmetic changes, while some were mechanically altered. Here we showed you a simple commuter bike modified into a scrambler, cafe racer, flat tracker, and cruiser. We hope you liked these Hero Splendor modified versions in India.

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